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Case Studies

K Street Post

Customer Spotlight - K Street Post

Located in the heart of Washington DC, K Street Post is recognised as one of the city’s leading high-end post production boutiques, working on commercials, PSA’s, station promos and presentations for the capital’s top corporations, broadcasters and production companies. The boutique, owned by industry veteran, Paul London, has recently purchased a Pablo Rio 2KO high quality color and finishing system, replacing its long serving Quantel eQ finishing system at the core of its post production workflow.

World Cup 4K Case Study

Quantel delivers 4K 60p post at the 2014 FIFA World Cup

The 2014 FIFA World Cup™ was the first major event to be given extensive 4K coverage thanks to Sony’s partnership with FIFA, which promised to deliver “a whole new viewing dimension and…the dawning of a new era in the broadcasting of sport.” Reaction from everyone who has seen the results seems unanimous – 4K is brilliant for sports coverage and the World Cup viewed in 4K was indeed a whole new experience. Quantel played a key role in delivering that experience – by providing a Pablo Rio color and finishing system with Genetic Engineering 2 shared storage for 4K 60p post production.


Post facility The Look gets cinematic for TV drama Quirke using Pablo Rio

London high-end post facility, The Look, carried out the picture post production for BBC’s major three part drama series ‘Quirke’ on its Quantel Pablo Rio system. Set in 1950s Ireland and Boston and shot on Arri Alexa cameras, ‘Quirke’ is the story of the eponymous pathologist who investigates sudden death victims. ‘Quirke’ has been widely praised for its high production values and ‘film noir’ look – with a striking extra dimension of ‘bright color’ moments.

die paten case study

die paten futureproofs with Pablo Rio

Berlin post house die paten has relied on a Quantel eQ editing and finishing system for many years as the center-piece of its post production operations, but its recent investment in a Pablo Rio turnkey system from Quantel has totally changed its game. “Pablo Rio has totally revolutionized our workflow,” says CEO, Kay Lottermoser. “Now workflow is simply a matter of completing the whole job on the system – editing, graphics, color correction, effects and deliverables – and delivering the finished piece to the client – all in record time.”

ARD Case Study

ARD-aktuell goes HD for news with Quantel

In April, German broadcaster, ARD-aktuell went on-air with a full HD service for all its news broadcasts, with production powered by a Quantel Enterprise sQ fast-turnaround production system. The move to all-HD production required a major upgrade of ARD-aktuell’s existing Quantel system, all carried out while daily news production operations continued unaffected.

Stereo D

Stereo D goes big with Quantel Pablo Rio

In the past three years, Stereo D has taken the 2D-3D conversion industry by storm. In the last six months alone, 13 big-budget movies have been converted at the facility, with the company now holding an 85% market share in 2D-3D conversions. Quantel systems make up the backbone of its post-production workflow, with the company recently purchasing three Pablo Rio color correction and finishing systems in order to complete the 3D conversion and post-production of sci-fi action movie, ‘Pacific Rim’.

The Look

Post house The Look is Londons Top Boy

London-based post house, The Look, is recognized as one of the leading 2D and 3D picture post production companies in the UK, working on many top dramas, feature films and commercials. The Look has recently finished the grade on the second series of Top Boy, an edgy four-part drama for UK Broadcaster Channel 4 which follows the lives of inner city drug dealers and street gangs in deprived areas of London.

Rogers Vancouver

Rogers Vancouver breaking down the silos with Enterprise sQ

Quantel helps Canadian media powerhouse realize "one of the most advanced broadcast facilities there is". "We're pushing the limits here, bringing news, sports and commercials together in one integrated facility," says Kurt Schubert, Editing Coordinator at Rogers Broadcasting's Vancouver facility.

Ace Image Factory Case Study

Pablo Rio gives Ace Image Factory a full house

Established 25 years ago, Ace Image Factory is one of Belgium’s longest-established and leading film post production houses. A long-term Quantel user, Ace’s hard-working Pablo and Pablo PA have recently been joined by Quantel’s next-generation Pablo Rio. “Pablo Rio running the new V2 software offers fantastic realtime performance – we can handle more layers at the same speed and of course can go up to 4K still maintaining great interactivity,” says founder Stefan Rycken. Here’s how Rycken keeps Ace ahead of the pack.

Rogers Toronto

Rogers Toronto - Four broadcasters, one Enterprise sQ workflow

Rogers Broadcasting set itself the ambitious target of bringing four of its Toronto stations together in one facility - City, OMNI, CityNews and Sportsnet World - sharing a single production workflow. To achieve this, Rogers turned to Quantel and its Enterprise sQ news and sports production system. It also tapped QTube connected workflow technology to enable media to be shared with other Rogers stations across Canada...


Sportsnet stays ahead of the game with Quantel

For the last five years, Sportsnet has been relying on a Quantel Enterprise sQ system for all its production needs. Over this period, the system has not only handled Sportsnet’s full workload, but also accommodated a doubling of operational requirements without breaking into a sweat. Here's the story.

RingSide Creative

RingSide Creative drives forward with Quantel Pablo Rio

RingSide Creative has purchased three Quantel Pablo Rio color correction and finishing systems, two turnkey systems to focus on color correction of spots, web videos and independent films; and a third Pablo Rio dedicated to its finish group.“Intuitive is an overused word in the post world, but with Pablo Rio it is the truth,” says Senior Colorist, Rick Unger.

die paten case study

die paten completes another highly successful project on Quantel

Berlin-based full-service film production and post production house, die paten (‘the godfather’) recently answered a challenging brief from Daimler AG to produce “For me, Daimler is…” - an hour long interactive ‘image film’ about the company in an incredibly tight schedule. To meet the deadline, die paten relied on a fully Quantel workflow, handling shot selection and editing on a Quantel Pablo PA system, and color correction and finishing on a Quantel eQ.

Planet TV

Planet TV launches with Quantel

TSmedia, media arm of Slovenia's national telecoms provider, Telekom Slovenije, purchased a Quantel Enterprise sQ fast-turnaround production system to handle all news and sports program production for Planet TV, the new national commercial TV channel launched by TSmedia in November 2012. Here's how it all went.

FlyingS3D Case Study

FlyingS3D sets Le Crazy Horse on Fire with Pablo

Le Crazy Horse Paris chose to make its latest spectacular film in 3D. Paris boutique 3D facility FlyingS3D won the contract to carry out all the post production, including editing, CGI, as well as S3D correction, color and finishing work, the latter all carried out on its Quantel Pablo. “The Pablo gives us a major advantage over non-Quantel owning facilities, because we can deal with the conform, stereo correction, grading and compositing all in one room,” says FlyingS3D MD Audrey Bourdiol...


EPC speeds ahead at the World Rally Championship with Quantel Enterprise sQ

Eurovision Production Coordination looked no further than Quantel Enterprise sQ when selecting a system for its coverage of the 2012 World Rally Championship. Quantel delivered a system that met EPC's key criteria, offering GoPro integration, easy handling of HD material and a very quick time-to-air, all within three weeks of an initial contract agreement.

TimeScapes Case Study

TimeScapes - Light Iron and Pablo go to the outer edges of color space

The jaw-dropping imagery of independent time-lapse documentary TimeScapes pushed LA facility Light Iron to explore the outer limits of 4K 16-bit color space. Less than a year after completing post on the first full-length 4K 10-bit movie – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Light Iron pushed back the boundaries again with 4K 16-bit color correction and finishing on Tom Lowe’s acclaimed film TimeScapes. We talked with Light Iron’s CEO Michael Cioni and Senior Colorist Ian Vertovec about how they met the enormous challenges of working with 16-bits at 4K, and what’s coming next…

Exedia Nation

3D graduates in style at USC

When graduate USC Film Production Student, Tyrell Lloyd, proposed to make his graduation film Exedia Nation in 3D, he caused something of a stir; it was a first for the School. “Pitching a 3D thesis film was rather challenging and entertaining,” Lloyd relates. “The university had nearly no 3D equipment and so I was basically on my own with the 3D stuff.” This is where Quantel stepped in, loaning Lloyd a Pablo color correction and finishing system. The Pablo proved crucial not only in post-production, but also as a dailies review system.

Televisa democratizes news with Quantel

Televisa democratizes news with Quantel

In 2009 when Televisa – the largest media company in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world -was looking for a file-based, HD fast-turnaround news production solution, it already had 10 years’ experience of tapeless working, having been one of the first broadcasters in the world to transition to digital production in 1999. Televisa chose Quantel for its fast time to air, ease of use, high online capacity and ease of integration with the broadcaster’s other systems. Has it been a success? Read on…


Can Communicate goes wild with Quantel Pablo in S3D

Top London Production Company chooses Quantel Pablo for Sky3D documentary, Safari Park Adventure. "Our Pablos were workhorses, working 24/7 over four months. I couldn't have asked the systems to do any more on 'Safari Park Adventure," says Can Communicate Production Director, David Wooster.

RTL Case Study

RTL chooses Quantel again for HD news production

Luxembourg’s national broadcaster, RTL Télé Luxembourg, has upgraded its Quantel Enterprise sQ news production system to produce content in HD, broadcast simultaneously in HD and SD and seamlessly integrate its file-based workflow.


Now playing in HD - WDR joins the Broadcasting Champions League

When WDR got the nod to go HD with its coverage of the Bundesliga - Germany's premier football league competition - they turned to Quantel to help them transition smoothly.


Dragonslayer - a new approach to the documentary

It’s not very often that a documentary picks up the Best Cinematography award at a major film festival. And certainly not one that was shot on a DSLR and the occasional consumer camera. But that’s just what ‘Dragonslayer’ did at the South by Southwest Festival this year – and the Best Documentary Feature Award too.

SBS Case Study

Quantel Delivers Digishift - a Multi-platform, Multi-resolution Future for SBS

In 2005 SBS began planning for a 'digital dream' - a technically utopian future where any content could be sent anywhere on the broadcaster's network and be accessed by all staff. In November 2009 Quantel took up the challenge and partnered with SBS to plan and build an all digital, tapeless production and transmission system that has delivered results well beyond initial expectations.

Swiss TV Case Study

Swiss TV moves to file based news production with Quantel

In mid 2009, Swiss TV converted its whole news operation to file-based digital production when it installed a Quantel Enterprise sQ server based production system. All daily news programs such as the four "Tagesschau" broadcasts plus "10vor10", "Schweiz aktuell" regional news, the "Glanz & Gloria" people magazine, the "SF Börse" stock market program as well as online news are now entirely produced on the Quantel Enterprise sQ system.

LightIron Social Network Case Study

LightIron and Pablo get together for the Social Network

David Fincher went to LightIron Digital in Los Angeles to finish his RED shot, digital end-to-end masterpiece The Social Network. LightIron took its Pablo to the soundstage, providing an unusual grading environment that proved to be a boon to creativity for cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth ASC.


tpc enters the 3D era with Pablo

Zurich-based TV production center (tpc) has taken its 3D-equipped Pablo and its Stereo3D expertise on the road in a mission to show broadcasters around Europe the potential of this exciting new medium and how it can fit in with their existing HD workflows. “We are focusing entirely upon Stereo3D post-production,” says tpc's Donovan Courtney, “so we did not buy any Stereo3D cameras, but just the Pablo which enables us to carry out the entire post production process in 3D.”

Avatar Case Study

Finishing Avatar with Pablo

Modern VideoFilm relied heavily on its three Quantel Pablo systems to meet the release date for 'Avatar'. Every frame of the movie went through Pablo for Stereo3D checking and correction, and all the Stereo3D subtitling was also completed on Pablo. As Mark Smirnoff of Modern VideoFilm said, "We could not have done this movie without Pablo." Read on for the full story.

LEquipe TV

LEquipe teams up with Quantel and its partners

When L'Equipe TV, France's dominant sports information channel, decided on an ambitious upgrade of its entire production operation into a multimedia and multi-platform newsroom, it turned to Quantel for its server-based production backbone in a system which also integrates NETIA for archiving and MAM and MBT for automation. "It's a true revolution in our workflow which frees up the journalists and which increases our responsiveness in going to air or online," says L'Equipe's Christophe Berthier.

The Look

Q got The Look

When ex-MPC man Thomas Urbye decided to set up The Look, a high end post boutique in London's Soho, it was Quantel kit that he wanted to power it. "I didn't want to start working on lower-end equipment; the work doesn't pay and the competition at that end of the market is intense." So Urbye went for eQ and has been spectacularly successful.

Condor Cape

Condor flies high with Quantel

Condor VFX is at the forefront of an expanding post production and film-making industry in South Africa. As well as servicing many of South Africa’s top clients, it is also actively expanding its international client base through seamless HD workflows and innovative technology that enables remote client approvals. Unsurprisingly, iQ and eQ are at the facility’s heart.

Videomage Case Study

Videomage/Groupe Image and Pablo with Neo catering to all tastes

A division of Groupe Image, Vidéomage is one of Paris's most progressive post houses, specialising in helping broadcasters establish and maintain a distinctive look and character for their channels. "We constantly have to adapt and respond to very different requirements," says senior colorist Jérôme Validire. Read on to find out how Pablo helps them cater for all tastes and styles...

FutureWorks Do Paise Case Study

FutureWorks delivers brilliant DI with Quantel

‘Do Paise Ki Dhoop Chaar Aane Ki Barish’ (‘Two pennies for sunshine and four cents for rain’), marks the directorial debut of the famous Indian actress-turned-filmmaker Deepti Naval. The movie, shot by a leading Indian cinematographer Kiiran Deohans in Mumbai during the monsoon season, presented a major challenge to Mumbai-based DI house FutureWorks. However superb creative skills combined with FutureWorks' Pablo and Genetic Engineering system, produced a result that Kiiran Deohans described as 'a great job'. Read on for the full story.

Therapy - Dust to Dust

iQ in Therapy

Founded in 2005 by Joe DiSanto, John Ramsay, Doobie White and Wren Waters, West Los Angeles-based Therapy is a state-of-the-art studio with editorial, finishing, design, color and audio suites. Core to the company’s multi-faceted work is its Quantel iQ, which is used for finishing, compositing, color correction and mastering on commercials, music videos and feature films, and its Quantel eQ for SD and HD commercials.

RTP Case Study

RTP goes tapeless with Enterprise sQ

Portuguese broadcaster RTP has recently completed a transformation to a fully tapeless environment, bringing together archive, transmission, promos, news and production altogether under a single roof, with one server-based solution at its heart - Quantel's Enterprise sQ. The change has also brought editing to the journalists' desktops for the first time. How have they found the experience, and what has the new system done for RTP's workflow? Read on...

mbn looks to the future with Quantel

Like many media companies in Asia in recent years, the highly successful Korean newspaper publishing company mbn (Maeil Business TV News) recognised that broadcasting and new media presented a growing challenge to its traditional print-based business. In keeping with its forward–looking philosophy, mbn chose to see this as an opportunity rather than a threat, and in 1995 set up its own television channel, broadcasting 24 hour news. To maintain its leadership, mbn turned to Enterprise sQ and Neo Media. Read on for the whole story.

Red Cliff

Red Cliff gets the Park Road Treatment

John Woo's two part movie Red Cliff is China's biggest ever box office hit. Produced and shot on location in China, Red Cliff's monumental battle scenes and sweeping, heroic vistas match the best of Hollywood. But when it came to the DI, Woo called on Park Road Post Production in Wellington, NZ to put its two Quantel Pablo color correction systems and Genetic Engineering shared workflow set up to work. The result is a triumph of technical creativity, achieved within very tight timescales.

Red Pepper

Red Pepper Pictures wins international success with Ed and Eppa and eQ

Red Pepper Pictures, one of South Africa's leading production and post facilities, has developed a highly successful children's educational series 'Ed & Eppa', which is now distributed globally. Requiring the seamless combination of 3D animations with HD wildlife footage, "eQ removed the bottleneck that had built up around post production and allowed us to focus far more on creative issues," says Cecil Barry, Red Pepper CEO. Read more:

PlasterCITY Digital Post attracts independents with Pablo

PlasterCITY Digital Post is one LA's hottest houses, producing cutting edge, high quality work for an array of discerning clients. PlasterCITY purchased a Quantel Pablo 4K non-linear color correction system in August 2007 which quickly became the hub of its DI workflow. Their clients loved it - "We could get through a reel or more a day, which is spectacular." Success breeds success, and PlasterCITY purchased a second Pablo 4K in October 2008. As Michael Cioni, PlasterCITY founder says, Pablo 4K is a major iinfrastructure investment, "but it's well worth it." Read on to find out why.

tvi case study

TVI creates enhanced workflow with Quantel

Portugal's leading commercial broadcaster, TVI, turned to Quantel to help it take full advantage of the multiple benefits of tapeless workflows and digital content distribution - enabling it to produce more content for more audiences without increasing resources. "The result was recognition by the general public of our news service as the most dynamic and credible in Portugal," says TVI's Monica Cañete Palomo. Read on to see how they achieved such success.

Hannah Montana

Quantel helps Hannah Montana to 3D box office success

Post production of the "Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert" stereoscopic 3D film set some of the stiffest technical, creative and timescale challenges imaginable for Burbank, LA digital film house FotoKem. "Hannah Montana" is the first full length live action stereo3D movie to be released.

NRJ creates the television of the future

When NRJ launched its new station NRJ Paris, it chose Quantel's Enterprise sQ broadcast server technology and Mission media asset management as the backbone for the entire system. Why? "Speed, reliability, efficiency and future-proofed potential," according to NRJ's Christophe Cornillet. Read how this dynamic French independent media group is covering all the bases for its present and future needs with Quantel.

TAI Creatividad

TAI Creatividad - Going for Gold

Spanish creative post production facility TAI Creatividad won the contract to produce all the channel branding for Spanish broadcaster TVE's coverage of the Beijing Olympics in 2008 - a massive undertaking which produced spectacular results on screen, courtesy of TAI's creativity and the power, subtlety and versatility of eQ.

Futureworks turns to Pablo 4K for Drona

The leading Mumbai, India DI house, Futureworks, has just completed the country's first full 4K DI for the spectacular movie 'Drona'. According to Futureworks, there's a whole lot more to DI than just color grading - and just when is a 4K pipeline a 4K pipeline? Read on for the whole colorful story.

Digital production enables �Tagesschau� to go multimedia

Digital production enables Tagesschau to go multimedia

German broadcaster ARD has completed its transition to digital production, including its flagship 'Tagesschau' program. The new system is centred on a Quantel Enterprise sQ integrated production system, which is closely integrated with ARD-aktuell's Open Media newsroom system. ARD-aktuell's 100+ journalists and editors have taken easily to the new system, and are now producing 14 hours of news programming a day on the system, supporting multiple channels as well as ARD-aktuell's website news service.

Anything but a Media Virgin

Anything but a Media Virgin

On an unassuming London street lies a television station pushing the envelope of end-to-end tapeless broadcasting in the UK. That company is Virgin Media Television and this is the story of their radical Creative Village post-production facility that has a Quantel Enterprise sQ production system at its creative heart.

Poland's leading broadcaster takes on all-comers with Pablo

Polands leading broadcaster takes on all-comers with Pablo

Polish public broadcaster TVP has integrated Quantel's Pablo non-linear color correction system into its in-house production pipeline, employing it on a range of projects from movies to soap operas. TVP's Archive department is also tapping Pablo to help restore key media from its extensive archive.

TEAM takes color correction by the horns with eQ

TEAM takes color correction by the horns with eQ

Read how Washington, DC-based TEAM Sound and Vision posted the high production value film 'The Matador' with Quantel's eQ, really putting its QColor in-context grading facility through all its paces.

Park Road Post Production teams up with Pablo for post

Park Road Post Production teams up with Pablo for post

Wellington, New Zealand-based Park Road Post Production has been employing its Quantel Pablo non-linear color correction system on a wide range of projects. Now Park Road has taken delivery of a second Pablo and installed Quantel's Genetic Engineering shared workflow infrastructure to further boost productivity.

Pixion successfully mends Broken Thread

Pixion successfully mends Broken Thread

Mumbai is a city known as the home of India's biggest film industry - Bollywood. While right now this fame mainly centres on the production side of the movie business, soon Mumbai's post-production industry may be as well known with Post and DI house Pixion right at the forefront of this revolution. Pixion's two eQs and Pablo color correction system are at the heart of this push.

Quantel graphics power at Czech Television

Quantel graphics power at Czech Television

Czech Television's Quantel-powered graphics department is playing a central role in its successful progress into the fast-changing world of digital broadcasting. Czech Television was formed in the wake of the 1989 'Velvet Revolution' and the subsequent splitting in 1992 of the former Czechoslovakia into two sovereign countries - Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Czechoslovak Television had twin headquarters - in Bratislava (now Slovakia) and Prague - now the home of Czech Television.

The Secret of the Magic Gourd

The Secret of the Magic Gourd

The case study looks at the making of The Secret of the Magic Gourd - a film produced by Centro Digital Pictures (Hong Kong) in partnership with Walt Disney Pictures. The film went on to become incredibly successful at the Chinese box office and resulted in Centro Chief Executive John Chu collecting the Best Children's Film Award at the 16th China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, which is regarded as the "Academy Awards" of China.

Iceberg Design takes on three Titanic projects with the help of eQ

Iceberg Design takes on three Titanic projects with the help of eQ

Singapore may be one of the smallest countries in the world, but due to its trading, high-tech industries and status as a world finance hub, the island-state is now the 18th wealthiest per capita in the world. While Singapore's post and film industries are not all that well known outside its borders, Iceberg Design aims to put the island on the world's DI map.

Three into TV 2 equals profit

Three into TV 2 equals profit

Nestled on the southern edge of the stunning Norwegian Fjords, Bergen is a centre for tourism, oil industry and higher education. Yet with the help of its Quantel sQ systems, TV 2 is also turning Bergen into a Scandinavian broadcasting powerhouse.

RTL chooses Quantel for server-based news production

RTL chooses Quantel for server-based news production

Luxembourg's national broadcaster, RTL Tele Luxembourg, selected a Quantel Enterpise sQ integrated production system for all its news and magazine program production needs in May 2006. It went on-air in September 2006 and has been running smoothly ever since.

RoadRunner reaches for the acme of post production

RoadRunner reaches for the acme of post production

Quantel helps RoadRunner create a 'Collaborative, Concurrent and Expert-based Workflow' in the Philippines."Our Quantel system improves creative output, enabling RoadRunner's digital effects specialists to be more than just editor/compositors, but also motion designers, 3D compositors, graphic designers, colorists, frame compositors and client relations experts," says Roadrunner MD, Arnedo Lucas.

Astro reaches for the stars

Astro reaches for the stars

Malaysian broadcaster Astro has turned to Quantel to keep ahead of complex compliance and localisation requirements as its stellar rise has fuelled expansion into multiple markets, while also greatly increasing efficiency and building-in resilience.

WRCB Chattanooga

WRCB Chattanooga

Chattanooga, Tennessee may best be known for the 1941 Glenn Miller big-band swing song, 'Chattanooga Choo Choo', but it has grown significantly since its days as a railroad hub and industrial center. Local station WRCB-TV has kept ahead of the times by installing a Quantel Newsbox HD system to meet all its news production requirements.

MBC Springs into Action

MBC Springs into Action

Dubai is a city undergoing rapid growth. Skyscrapers, mega-malls and man-made islands are erected at dizzying speed. To achieve this awesome feat Dubai has turned to talent from all over the world making it one of the most multi-cultural cities in existence today. Dubai has set itself the goal of becoming a leader in both business and entertainment, much like the company which is the focus of this case study - MBC. Read on for how Quantel helped MBC launch its new Action channel with eQ.

Milagro Post puts pedal to the metal with Pablo 2K

Milagro Post puts pedal to the metal with Pablo 2K

Southfield, Michigan-based Milagro Post is home to a whopping 13 Quantel systems, including eQ and Pablo. According to Milagro's DI Colorist, Rick Unger, "In my estimation the Pablo color correction capabilities are on a scale much more creative than traditional telecine color correctors for the same price. And, that doesn't take into account that the Pablo also has all the tools onboard - a full blown editor, effects machine and compositor."

21st Century Workflow for Omroep Brabant

21st Century Workflow for Omroep Brabant

The journey from Eindhoven's airport to the city centre afforded the opportunity to talk to a local taxi driver about the Netherlands and Omroep Brabant. What quickly impressed was the enthusiasm for Omroep Brabant and especially for its news output. It seems that local people take interest and pride in their region and thus value highly their local station and its news output. There could be no better place to put Quantel's Enterprise sQ server-based newsroom system to the test.

UBF joins the Premier League with Quantel

UBF joins the Premier League with Quantel

In June 2005, the Dutch broadcast facilities company UBF, through production company Eyeworks Sport, won a three-year contract to produce highlights programs of Holland's high profile Premier League football. The programmes (shifting from the public to the commercial broadcast domain) were to be shown on national television by Talpa, the new Dutch commercial national broadcaster set up by John de Mol. UBF turned to Quantel for a super-fast turnaround production system...

Producers tools up for commercials with eQ

Producers tools up for commercials with eQ

Baltimore, Maryland-based Producers sees the business of post as a black and white proposition. Service is king - the be-all and end-all to having a successful company in a dog-eat-dog world of competing facilities. The company touts that it is ready to handle any video, film, audio or new media project you can throw at it. For 23 years Producers has been doing a lot of catching.Now its turned to eQ to take the company forward again.

The ultimate test? iQ Pablo shines for the American Society of Cinematographers.

The ultimate test iQ Pablo shines for the American Society of Cinematographers.

In early 2000 Goldcrest Post opened its doors in New York City's West Village, specifically to facilitate post-production for the independent filmmaker. In 2004, the company opened its brand new 2K/HD Digital Intermediate Theater with the Quantel iQ at its hub. This theater, unique to the East Coast, provides clients with 2K data or HD online editorial and color correction services to a large screen.

Out of this world

Out of this world

How do you get your post house to really stick out in clients' minds? According to Barry Chambers, President of the leading Vancouver, Canada, post house Rainmaker, the basic formula is quite simple but there's a twist too: "Consistency is the secret of our success - I like to think that people remember us for client service, management and technical expertise. But top of the list always seems to be "Oh yeah - you're the guys with the pub!'"

Studio Zoo gets �certifiably creative� with eQ

Studio Zoo gets certifiably creative with eQ

With a name like that, the first question is inevitable. "Creatives are an unusual and fairly wild breed, so 'Zoo' seemed like it might be appropriate," says Adi Leach, one of the two founders of Studio Zoo. "Walk in here most days and you'dd almost certainly agree - but it is also a hugely talented collection of creative critters!"

Powering a new breed of channel in Bulgaria

Powering a new breed of channel in Bulgaria

A visit to Bulgaria's capital Sofia shows a picture of a country in rapid development. Sixteen years ago, when communism fell, barely anyone spoke English and the work ethic left much to be desired. Today, with Bulgaria at the cusp of EU Accession, the workforce is younger, better qualified and much more motivated - just what TV7 needed to take full advantage of the enormous capabilities of Newsbox HD.

Kovak gets out of the box with iQ

Kovak gets out of the box with iQ

Daniel Monzon, director of 'The Kovak Box' describes it as "a thriller, a science-fiction film, but it is also an elegant work. It does have, of course, some rough scenes, but they are all treated with care and cleverly introduced to create a very effective film." Read how iQ helped Barcelona-based IFilm carry out an inspired DI.

iQ and Pablo at LipSync Post

iQ and Pablo at LipSync Post

LipSync Post's two iQs have graded many film projects and the company is well established in the digital intermediate business. But LipSync has a somewhat different approach to both DI and post by offering a one-stop shop for its customers, offering everything from scanning to film output and deliverables - and including sound. In 2006, LipSync became the first company in London to install the new Pablo, Quantel's next generation color correction system.

Taking Seven into the Future

Taking Seven into the Future

From centralising its operations around Quantel server technology to switching over its news operations to a Quantel server powered environment, the Seven Network, one of Australia's leading commercial broadcasters, is fast becoming one of the world's first truly 21st century networks.

eQ and Pablo create formidable ROI For Goldcrest Post

eQ and Pablo create formidable ROI For Goldcrest Post

Goldcrest Post Production first expanded into HD finishing post services in 2004. The company, based in New York's Greenwich Village, jumped head first into the business by purchasing a Quantel HD eQ editing/ effects/ grading/ deliverables system, configured with the powerful QColor in-context color correction option.

TV3 chooses sQ for News

TV3 chooses sQ for News

Leading Malaysian commercial broadcaster speeds throughput and slashes costs with Quanel Enterprise sQ production system. Founded in 1984, TV3 is Malaysia's first private free to air commercial TV station, funded solely by its advertising revenues.Today, it has grown into a four channel operation that includes 8TV, channel 9 and NTV7, with over 1000 staff at TV3 alone.

Wallace and Gromit make the grade

Wallace and Gromit make the grade

Aardman harnesses the power of DI with iQ - With first generation digital intermediate finishing technology starting to look as Heath Robinson as some of Wallace and Gromit's famous contraptions, Aardman's decision to digitise The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and challenge some of DI's remaining gremlins has offered up super intelligence for other film makers. producers.

eQ - the heart and soul of BET J

eQ - the heart and soul of BET J

BET J's Senior eQ Editor, Francine Panzo, knows Jazz. She used to just hear it on the radio. Now it's ingrained in her psyche. She makes her living editing promos, graphics, interstitials, music videos and on-air programs for the only 24-hour Jazz Channel that is turning 10 years old this year. Her tool of choice; the Quantel eQ.

eQ at the heart of Europe

eQ at the heart of Europe

eQ revolutionizes post at ACE Digital House in Brussels. "We needed to find something that would pull everything together. That's when we decided to buy the eQ because that's a tool that works really fast and can handle multiple resolutions," says Stefan Rycken of the system that is helping power Ace Digital House into HD and digital film.

Oh Lord, won't you post me a Mercedes-Benz...

Oh Lord, wont you post me a Mercedes-Benz...

Cologne's ACT used iQ to help launch Mercedes-Benz's new concept car. "The customer is asking for best quality, speed, flexibility and proven and state-of-the-art technology which is reliable. Certainly working with different resolutions simultaneously will be very important if you want to work in an international environment, but with the Resolution Co-existence technology from Quantel we are prepared and can react immediately," says ACT GM, Robert Gross.

iQ Gives Alien a Facelift

iQ Gives Alien a Facelift

For the recently released Directors Cut, ModernVideoFilm took Ridley Scott's classic, cleaned it up and made it look even scarier. "What we did, in the pure sense of the word, was a digital intermediate, but the interesting twist is that it was also a restoration digital intermediate process," says Mark Smirnoff, Executive Vice President of Studio Services for Modern VideoFilm.

Modern Videofilm - Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Modern Videofilm - Faster than a Speeding Bullet

iQ at Modern VideoFilm is feverishly at work on the popular Warner Bros. television series, 'Smallville'. Way before he donned the cape, 'Smallville' depicts Clark Kent in his youth coping with the ups and downs of adolescence and the struggle of coming to grips with the notion that somehow he is very different.

Marsmotel - iQ for Swedish Film Restoration Powerhouse

Marsmotel - iQ for Swedish Film Restoration Powerhouse

With a name like Marsmotel, you half expect to be greeted by Zaphod Beeblebrox, Arthur Dent or Ford Prefect when you ring the doorbell. But Marsmotel is definitely not the next-door neighbour of the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. In fact, it's a progressive post house in Stockholm that's working its way through the restoration of some of Sweden's finest films with a Quantel iQ.

Plug-in Power

Plug-in Power

Using the VDS Synapse plug-ins at Toronto's The Studio Upstairs. Huge range of plug-ins adds a whole new toolset right within the Quantel user interface.

Quantel eQ and TV WERK

Quantel eQ and TV WERK

In 1986 Audi drove their first four wheel drive Quattro off a ski jump for a dazzling advertising campaign. The same stunt was repeated with Audi's latest model, the A6 Quattro. Post production of this remake was done by Egi Seipler, Senior Digital Artist at TV WERK, Munich, Germany, on an eQ - Quantel's powerful editing, effects, color grading and deliverables system.

Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle

"In my opinion, DI is almost a necessity now for any movie if the producer is serious about what he's doing. DI not only exceeds what traditional film labs can do in the darkroom but also brings another level of creativity to film making it gives a film 'mood'." So says John Chu, chief executive, Centro Digital Pictures. His credentials? The digital intermediate on Kung Fu Hustle, the biggest box office smash ever in Hong Kong and China, all carried out on Centro's iQ.

Big on news in Norway

Big on news in Norway

The journey from Oslo airport to the city centre on the clean, quick and on-time trains provides a strong clue that Norway's state broadcaster, NRK, is a leader in the latest technology and applications. In every carriage are TV screens carrying up-to-the-minute news, sports, weather and financial reports provided by NRK. At the heart of NRK's up to the minute news operation is a Quantel Enterprise sQ system. “Now we are number one in news in Norway," says Geir Bordalen, NRK Head of News Technology.

sQ Makes News in Texas - KWTX

sQ Makes News in Texas - KWTX

KWTX/KBTX Vice President/News Virgil Teter is crystal clear about where his station's priorities lie. "News is who we are, what we are and what supports us - it's the tail that wags our dog. We may only be at 92 in the Nielsen market ratings, but that doesn't matter a hoot to our viewers - they simply expect KWTX to be the best." Read how Quantel's Enterprise sQ server-based production technology helped enure that KWTX continued to meet the viewers' expectations.

mediahouse: serving sports with sQ

mediahouse serving sports with sQ

mediahouse, the facilities arm of TWI, the world's largest independent producer and distributor of sports programming, annually produces and distributes over 6,500 hours of original programming to more than 200 territories. Sport is its speciality, and TWI is the television arm of IMG which represents many of the world's most prominent athletes, celebrities and events.

The fine art of Interstitials

The fine art of Interstitials

Looming large over London's White City, the Broadcast Centre is Europe's biggest purpose-built transmission playout centre. Its six floors of office and technical accommodation provide a total floor-area of 27,000 square metres. Within its portals, Red Bee Media offers a wide range of services including promotion, playout and archiving of content from SD and HD television to mobile phones.

ESPN: Pre-Match Report

ESPN Pre-Match Report

It's been nearly a year now since Quantel announced its ground-breaking deal with US broadcaster ESPN to supply generationQ SD/HD server and editing technology for its brand new, Digital Center at Bristol, Connecticut. So, with the Center due to go live this April, George S Jarrett offers his pre-match analysis.