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Post is where all the work that goes into a production comes together. It's make or break time and the best post people and post facilities want the best systems to keep their clients happy. But post today is also a competitive business with new formats and workflows challenging the conventional approach. To succeed today post facilities need to exceed their clients’ expectations and do it at a profit. Which is where Quantel comes in.

Meeting today’s needs

Quantel post systems have been designed from the ground up for today's post world:

•    To deliver the best quality whatever the resolution
•    To open up new revenue streams for post
•    To enable interactive working even at HD and beyond
•    To keep post competitive by boosting productivity
•    To excel in video and data workflows


Combining Quantel post systems with Genetic Engineering provides even greater workflow advantages and huge productivity and efficiency gains.



new Pablo

A revolution in choice - Pablo Rio
Software high-quality color and finishing system that wraps up all the power and capabilities of Pablo into a software solution that runs on standard COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) hardware.

Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering 2: better teamworking; more productive post
Workflow is the number one issue facing post houses today. Genetic Engineering 2 is all about workflow.

Pablo PA

Pablo PA - conform, preparation and workflow software
Pablo PA is a software only system designed to boost the productivity of color and finishing systems by enabling time consuming tasks to be performed out of the main suite without sacrificing speed and flexibility.


Looking for that very special effect? Check out the plug-ins for your Quantel system. There are more than 1000 different plug-ins available.