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sQ Editors

Editor with sQAll the sQ editors are based on Quantel's enormously successful user interface, which has been designed from the ground up to meet the full range of broadcast needs. It gives users at every operational level within the broadcast facility fast and easy access to all stored media, and creative toolsets for reviewing and editing it that are perfectly matched to their individual needs and abilities.


“The interface is simple to understand and easy to use.”
Jannicke Boga, TV2, Norway



The sQ editors have been developed as a direct result of Quantel’s many years of front line experience with server-based news production systems. They scale from simple desktop shot review and selection tools (sQ View) through powerful, fully-fledged journalist editing (sQ Cut and sQ Edit) and onto full-blown craft editing with the hardware-assisted Qube workstation. All share the same interface and fundamental toolset, but each level adds more capabilities suitable to the increased skill of the operator and the kind of work being undertaken.


Easy to use

All the sQ editors are simple to understand and easy to use. A journalist with no previous editing experience can learn to cut a basic story with just one day’s training. This ease of use allows broadcasters to move up to 90% of their editing requirements into the newsroom, putting journalists in control and freeing up craft editing resources for more creative work.



As competence is gained at each level, users frequently choose to move on to more sophisticated levels of operation, often becoming highly proficient editors in addition to their journalistic or other production skills. It all adds up to the kind of flexibility that broadcasters have dreamt of for many years, and is a win-win for everyone involved in the production process.


Easy to learn

Quantel offers tailored training packages as part of every new system sale that are designed to get the broadcaster on-air with Quantel in the shortest possible time and the maximum efficiency. Quantel has also launched a unique remote training package named Compass, which allows operators to be trained – and to practise their skills – on completely compatible software away from their day-to-day responsibilities.

“Journalists adapted really quickly to the Quantel interface, and by the second day of the system going live, they were still editing their stories even after the bulletin had started. This shows they had total confidence in the system.”
Carlo van Acker, Omroep Brabant, Holland

sQ ViewsQ View

Newsroom browsing, shot selection and review software. Simple UI makes it fast and easy for anyone to find and use media. Shot selections and compilations put together on sQ View are instantly available with all their metadata on other editing workstations for viewing or refinement.



sQ CutsQ Cut

Intermediate software package that delivers everything sQ View does plus complete timeline editing and VO record. sQ Cut is the perfect replacement for the workhorse two machine edit suite. The Template option allows sophisticated graphics to be added without tying up a graphic designer.



sQ EditsQ Edit

sQ Edit is the top of the range software editor and has all the facilities of sQ Cut plus mix, wipe and custom transitions. A suite of quick fix tools solve everyday picture issues such as color balancing or masking out a face. sQ Edit includes templating as standard and the Effects option adds full multi-layer compositing facilities. sQ Edit can also load material from XDCAM and P2. sQ Edit can take advantage of GPU based rendering through support for the nVidia Quadro card, boosting performance up to four times using CUDA processing.



sQ Edit PlusQube

Qube is Quantel's new generation turnkey craft editor. Qube uses CUDA GPU accelerated processing running on the latest integrated nVidia Quadro professional graphics card to provide blistering performance for sophisticated craft editing work. Qube supports SD, HD, 1080p and Stereo3D formats. Qube is also equipped with the latest 3GHz HDSDI interfaces, and is fully backwards compatible with existing 1.5GHz HDSDI infrastructure, so integrating easily with new and existing installations.  




Quantel's next-generation field editor, the new Marco, enables journalists and editors to take the fast and easy to use Quantel editing toolset out of the office and with them on assignment. More about Marco>


FCPFinal Cut Pro

Quantel has developed an interface that integrates Apple's Final Cut Pro into the Enterprise sQ production environment, allowing FCP to participate fully in the Quantel workflow - creating stories, finishing those started on Quantel workstations and publishing directly to the Quantel server for playout. The Final Cut Pro editor is working directly with media held on the Quantel server - there is no requirement to import the media, and output can happen the moment the edit is completed. More information> 



Looking for that very special effect? Check out the plug-ins for your Quantel system. There are more than 1000 different plug-ins available.