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Pablo Rio V2

300The V2 software release takes Pablo Rio to new heights of performance and interactivity.


V2 takes the leap to 64 bit - unlocking the power of the Pablo Rio PC platform and enabling new formats to be supported. With V2 existing Pablo Rio turnkey systems power up to become 4K 16 bit post production powerhouses capable of playing and working with 4K images in real time.  On existing turnkey systems 4k images are down-sized in the GPU for output via the 2K/HD SDI outputs.



New formats supported 
V2 enables Pablo Rio to play and work with a wide range of source material formats in both mono and Stereo3D


Format support table 


True 4K output 

A new 4K output option adds a true 4K o/p capable of supporting Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) and 4K (4096 x 2160) at 24 and 25 fps over quad 3G SDI allowing Pablo Rio to be used in applications demanding the ultimate in quality monitoring.  


New features

In addition more power V2 adds a range of useful new features to Pablo Rio

  • Full auto render and MLTFX render bin for background rendering
  • Sony F65 soft mount
  • Support for Sony F55 and F5 cameras
  • Support for Canon C500 cameras 
  • P2 Class 100 and Class 50 AVCi encoding added for MXF (default mode) export
  • Ergonomic improvements 

 Screenshots of V2 

New features in V2 



Free of charge upgrade 

V2 is a free of charge upgrade for all Pablo Rio customers and is planned for release at the end of February 2013.