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Game changing technology

Game changing technology

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revolutionQ - a new software architecture for fast-turnaround broadcast production

revolutionQ is a new software architecture that embraces web technology to deliver a flexible, distributed, fast-turnaround content creation system that leverages the economies of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) processing and storage.


revolutionQ is modular, utilizes open standards and SOA. Everything is loosely coupled in a resilient, modern and open infrastructure that includes existing Enterprise sQ systems and other assets. revolutionQ is a genuine revolution for content creators.



revolutionQ - the big picture


revQ big pic


Instant Access to all content

Commercial off the shelf storage is changing the economies of TV production. It is now practical to keep tens or hundreds of thousands of hours online - that's years of content instantly accessible (2PB = 10 years HD @50MB/s). As disk costs continue to fall, it will soon cost more to manage content than store it. Ingest becomes archive and at a stroke cost, complexity and waiting for archive content is eliminated from content creation.


Scalable - up and down

revolutionQ is not just for large broadcasters. The new architecture supports any scale of operation cost-effectively, allowing all media organizations to benefit and enables incremental growth strategies.


Universal metadata

With years of content on-line metadata becomes even more critical to efficient production. revolutionQ builds-in schema-free metadata handling to the system infrastructure - metadata always flows with essence ensuring valuable knowledge is not lost at any point in the process and is always available, making finding content fast and easy. Users can add and edit metadata as easily as they can view essence.



revolutionQ architecture



revQ architecture


Distributed production

revolutionQ allows several storage silos, including content in the cloud, to be integrated into one virtual system. Users can find and add value to content whatever its location. Just like the web, users don't need to know where content is stored to work with it.


Integration with other systems

revolutionQ is an inclusive architecture built on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) principles. Adaptors can be written to integrate other systems such as archives and legacy production systems. With these adaptors, users can access and edit content stored on all included systems using the same tools and workflow.


Enterprise sQ Integration

There is seamless integration between revolutionQ and existing Enterprise sQ systems allowing straightforward flexible two-way interchange of content, including effects metadata.


Optimal Workflow

revolutionQ builds on conventional file-based workflows and more recent initiatives such as FIMS and AS-02. revolutionQ improves on the traditional series approach delivered by file-based workflows where one process must wait for another to finish before it can start. revolutionQ makes files instantly available to other processes boosting efficiency.



The IABM presented Quantel with the prestigious IABM Game-Changers Award at the 2012 NAB Show for revolutionQ. The Award recognizes products that are deemed by the judging panel of impartial industry experts to have the greatest potential to change the industry. "The broadcast industry that we know today has been shaped by a series of game-changing ideas and technologies, and the future of this industry likely will be defined by equally revolutionary products demonstrated at the NAB Show," said IABM director general Peter White.


Inside revolutionQ

We've made some short, informative videos to answer key questions about revolutionQ:

revolutionQ - next steps

revolutionQ is a new technology that will be rolling out next year. We have already received a multi-million dollar order for a revolutionQ system from a major US broadcaster, and are partnering with them to meet their organizational needs. If you too are interested in working with us, email us now and we'll get straight back to you.