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Enterprise sQ - fast-turnaround production

Enterprise sQ

Stop press - new servers deliver 40%-60% system price cut

The new sQ1000 series servers not only offer three times the storage capacity in two thirds of the space, but also enable overall Enterprise sQ system prices to be reduced by 40-60%. This brings Quantel's unbeatable speed from ingest to editing and playout within the range of a much wider market. Read more>


News and Sports Production - be first to air, web, mobile and tablet

Today there are more ways to reach more people on more devices, in many more places. Quantel is the perfect partner to help you to fully realize these opportunities - with file-based workflows in SD, HD or Stereo3D in news, sports, home shopping - in fact any fast-turnaround programming.


Quantel's Enterprise sQ systems have already helped The BBC, ESPN, Fox, News Express, QVC, NDR, BSkyB, Australian News Channel and many others transform their businesses.


Right for the job

Whatever the size of the operation or the scope of the project, Quantel can provide a perfect fit. The system is easily upgradeable when business demands as Enterprise sQ technology is totally scalable. Every system is built on a fusion of the latest IT technology with the real time broadcast muscle upon which Quantel has made its name. Full HD and Stereo3D production capability are designed and built into all systems, future-proofing the investment.


Supremely usable

Quantel solutions are enterprise-wide and inclusive - giving interactive working to everyone who needs it. The user interface has universally proved itself to be easy to learn and use, as well as being scalable to meet different users' individual requirements. It is readily accepted and quickly put into productive use across the whole organization.


Totally integrated

Enterprise sQ integrates fully with all major file-based acquisition systems, NRCS, automation, asset management and archive systems. Quantel's own Mission Media and Asset Management system gives enhanced access to - and control of - media assets.

Scalable and connected

QTube InterSite makes content on remote Enterprise sQ systems available to local editors, seamlessly. QTube InterSite helps Enterprise sQ users to create more complete and engaging stories, more quickly, using content from any of their sQ servers. It allows them to expand their systems' capabilities to link multiple sites together in a new and continuous fashion over their Wide Area Network (WAN), even if those sites are thousands of miles apart. More about QTube InterSite


Achieve your goals

Whatever the requirement - getting news to viewers faster, empowering producers, fully leveraging all the new distribution channels, enabling worldwide workflows, increasing efficiency, saving money... Quantel has the technology and experience to engineer integrated production systems that meet the needs of genuinely global production and add real value where it counts - to your bottom line.


Designed for the multimedia age

Enterprise sQ is new generation broadcast technology, designed from the ground up to be ready now for the multimedia, multi-format age. Video, files and metadata are handled seamlessly in a totally integrated workflow. Broadcast, podcasts, web, mobile devices - all are supported. And every delivery channel can have equal priority in the Quantel environment.



We'll work closely with you to design the training program you need. And we'll deliver it where and how you want it. Quantel training covers every aspect of system operation, management and support. So when you go on air, your team is ready to deliver.



Your business is 24/7 and so is ours. Quantel QCare support is as good as you think it should be. Assistance, diagnosis and spares. Anywhere, any time; you can rely on it.


Enterprise sQ



Enterprise sQ systems are totally scalable and configurable to meet every different user's exact requirements, Enterprise sQ systems can support any number of ports from just two to literally hundreds; storage capacity can range from tens to thousands of hours. Enterprise sQ systems deliver great workflow with all major broadcast formats including AVCI Class 100 and XDCAM HD.



Mission is a totally integrated asset management facilty for Enterprise sQ systems. It handles acquisition of video and files, as well as metadata input and editing. Mission integrates on-line, near-line and off-line storage, using sophisticated search tools on any desktop.


sQ Editors

sQ View and sQ Cut provide easy to learn desktop review and editing capabilities. sQ Edit enables the rapid editing of packaged stories. Qube is the turnkey editor that has all the tools and the power for sophisticated craft editing. More information on sQ editors>


Marco field editor

Marco enables journalists and editors to take the fast and easy to use Quantel editing toolset out of the office and with them on assignment.


sQ Workflow

Enterprise sQ modules provide file and video handling and automation applications, including sQ Load, sQ Fileflow and sQ Play. With LiveTouch, editors can perform live sports highlighting and playout from a single workstation.


Open integration

Enterprise sQ integrates fully with automation, archive and newsroom computer systems from every major system vendor. Final Cut Pro 7 editors can be integrated into the Enterprise sQ workflow in exactly the same way as Quantel's own editors.