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Pablo Rio 4K - ultimate choice, ultimate performance



Pablo Rio 4K is a range of software high quality color and finishing systems. Available as turnkey systems or as software only, Pablo Rio 4K runs on standard PC hardware. Pablo Rio 4K provides SD, HD, 2K, 4K, Stereo3D and high-frame rate support.


All the tools, all the formats

The comprehensive integrated toolset includes conform, color, editing, effects, text, paint and multi-format versioning enabling Pablo Rio 4K to complete a wide range of post production tasks. Pablo Rio 4K efficiently handles today’s digital capture formats such as RED HDRx, Sony F65, SStP, ARRI, Canon and easily integrates Into data-centric post pipelines.


Turnkey System Specifications

Pablo Rio 4K turnkey systems provide guaranteed out-of-the-box performance for those customers not wishing to build their own system. There are three Pablo Rio 4K turnkey system configurations to choose from, each one optimized for specific post needs:

  • Pablo Rio 4K - 4K capable with HD/2K monitoring 
  • Pablo Rio 4KO - 4K capable with 4K monitoring
  • Pablo Rio 4K HFR - realtime 4K 60p working and monitoring





























All turnkey systems are supplied fully assembled, configured and tested by Quantel to provide the ultimate in performance and are supported by Quantel 24/7 worldwide.