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Pablo - high-end color and finishing

Pablo Neo



Pablo - high-end color and finishing

avatarPablo is the ultimate color correction and finishing solution. Avatar, The Muppets, The Social Network, My Week with Marilyn, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - just a few of the thousands of movies in which Pablo has played a central role, breaking new ground and delivering spectacular results.


Designed with the help of top colorists, Pablo is the most powerful, capable and precise color correction environment on the planet. With Pablo, your client-attended sessions become an interactive, creative experience. Its unique integrated finishing toolset gets the whole job done more quickly and more efficiently. And Pablo's comprehensive Stereo3D toolset makes it first choice in this exciting new arena. Whatever direction you are looking to grow your post business, Pablo is the answer.


Total color control

Pablo has all the tools you need to create with color. There are no limits with Pablo; primary color corrections can be combined with unlimited cascaded secondaries and unlimited shapes, all in-context across the multilayer timeline. Everything always remains live for further enhancement. And all this with Pablo's streamlined graphical user interface, which helps colorists achieve the look they want quickly and easily.


nanoA choice of the Neo or Neo Nano control panels completes the picture.


Data-centric workflows

Pablo is the perfect place to work with media from across a wide range of data formats including high frame rate, Stereo3D, OpenEXR, RED HDRx to ARRI, Canon, Sony F65, Phantom, Silicon Image and GoPro - Pablo handles it all with ease.


ACES support

Pablo supports The Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES) and fully integrates into ACES pipelines, delivering a standard, future-proof color space. Read the Quantel ACES White Paper.


Interactive operation

gwdtPablo's immense power makes color correction a truly interactive process. With Pablo the director can sit with the colorist and instantly see results of changes on screen at full resolution without proxies or previews. Nothing is committed until output; the whole project remains live throughout the process so multiple treatments can be quickly tried without penalty.


Brilliant workflow

In today's world of digital capture, file based working at 4K and beyond, Pablo helps the post house make sense of it all, providing a fast and intuitive file-based workflow, handling the whole job from conform to deliverables.


Highest quality

Pablo's high quality processing ensures that the final look exactly matches the director's vision, with results instantly available for review thanks to Pablo's reliable, rock solid playback. This means the director and colorist can have total confidence that what they see on screen is exactly what the viewers will get in the movie theater or on TV.


mocha tracker

Widely recognized as the most versatile and precise tracker available, Imagineer Systems' mocha planar tracker is fully integrated into the Pablo color and finishing toolset.



marilynPablo delivers the same realtime productive workflow for Stereo3D as it does for conventional 2D images. Pablo's stereo multi-layer timeline easily handles the two data streams required for Stereo3D and delivers the reliable playout critical to keeping clients happy in Stereo3D sessions. Pablo Rio's comprehensive Stereo3D toolset incudes tools to take care of problems with captured Stereo3D, to grade Stereo3D interactively and format media for delivery.



When the color and finishing work is done, Pablo has all the tools to enable you to rapidly output different versions as video or files. Pablo holds an uncommitted master, from which all the deliverables can simply be created and played out in realtime without rendering or using up any further workspace.


Full finishing toolset

social networkPablo is a complete finishing system, virtually eliminating the need ever to move media between suites. Whether it's the addition of a title, a dissolve, slipping an edit point, re-framing a shot or simply painting out a spot of dirt the dust-buster has missed, Pablo has all the tools on board to make the change right there and then.


Open connectivity

Pablo integrates fully with a facility's existing LANs and SANs; it's as easy to work with lo-rez QuickTimes and JPEGs as it is with native resolution DPX and Cineon files. Quantel soft-mount technology enables working with RED, DPX, CINEON, TIFF, DNxHD and OpenEXR media while it is still on the SAN or NAS, saving time by allowing work to begin immediately without first importing media into the Pablo workspace.




The Pablo product range


pablo range

              Pablo 3D                                     Neo Nano                                    Pablo PA                     Genetic Engineering


Pablo Rio

A revolution in choice, Pablo Rio is Quantel's software high-end color and finishing system. Reinvented, interactive and open, Pablo Rio wraps up all the power and capabilities of Pablo into a software solution that runs on standard COTS hardware.


Pablo 3D

Quantel-quality Stereo3D has never been so affordable. With Pablo 3D you can produce great Stereo3D results every time, quickly and efficiently on the system that played a central role in Avatar and many other successful 3D movies. More details>



Pablo is the ultimate color correction and finishing solution. Restrepo, Final Destination, Red Cliff, District 9, We Need to Talk About Kevin; just a few of the thousands of movies in which Pablo has played a central role, breaking new ground and delivering spectacular results.



The Neo panel provides natural heads-up control of color and seamless interaction with Pablo's comprehensive grade management facilities - a great way to access the power of Pablo. Details>


Neo Nano

At around one third the size of the full Neo panel, Neo Nano is ideal for applications outside the main suite.


Pablo PA

Pablo PA is the perfect partner for Pablo - a software-only product that handles all the conform, prep and workflow tasks so that Pablo owners get maximum value out of client attended sessions in their creative suites. For non-Quantel users, Pablo PA is a high-quality professional application that easily integrates into existing pipelines. More info>



Genetic Engineering technology enables several Pablos to be networked together, sharing the same GenePool workspace. It eliminates network transfers and allows several people to work on the same media simultaneously. GenePool also supports media exchange with external systems via Sam. More about Genetic Engineering>