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NAB 2012: Powerful new tools and capabilities for Pablo

Faster Stereo3D finishing, support for more formats and high frame rates


15 April 2012: At NAB 2012 Quantel showed a raft of new tools and capabilities for its Pablo color correction and finishing system. The new developments further boost creativity and flexibility, reinforcing Pablo's reputation as the 'go to' place to color and finish high-end film and TV projects.


s3d mlt


Stereo3D multi-layer timeline

The new Stereo3D multi-layer timeline (MLT) takes S3D color and finishing to the next level, making Stereo3D finishing every bit as fast and productive as conventional 2D projects. Features of the new Stereo3D MLT include:

  • Stereo3D disparity control, allowing clips to be positioned in z-space
  • Mixing of Stereo3D and mono clips
  • Addition of a Stereo3D or mono video guide track
  • Easy swapping of eyes on a segment or track basis
  • Slide control to correct timing offsets between eyes


The new Stereo3D MLT will be available later this quarter.


Support for new digital capture formats

Pablo now supports the import of Sony F65 RAW files, providing F65 users with the highest quality post workflow for their projects. Also new at NAB is support for the latest RED HDRx, RED color 3 and RED gamma 3. Pablo now also supports GPU acceleration for faster working with ARRI RAW files. ACES (Academy Color Encoding Specification) is also now supported by Pablo.


48fps timeline

As high-end post moves towards higher frame rates, Pablo is ready with a new 48fps timeline on show at NAB. 




Neo Nano

Pablo also supports the new Neo Nano compact color panel - at around one third the size of the full Neo panel, Neo Nano is ideal for applications outside the main suite.


Other new tools

Pablo also gains more new tools at NAB: a new tracker which includes both point and area-based operation; Render on Export which saves time on deliverables production; and tight integration with Stereo3D timelines from Avid Media Composer 6, making it even faster and easier to conform, color correct and finish Avid-edited S3D projects in Pablo.


"All these new developments on show at NAB make Pablo an even better place to finish high end film and TV projects - both 2D and Stereo3D," said Steve Owen, Quantel Marketing Director.