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Schweizer Fernsehen and tv productioncenter zürich (tpc) choose Quantel

IBC 2008, Amsterdam, September 12, 2008:  tv productioncenter zürich AG (tpc) has ordered a major Quantel Enterprise sQ server-based production system to handle production of all its news and information programming. News programs will be the first to move the totally file-based age with the Quantel system in spring 2009, with magazine and sports programs planned to make the transition in 2010. The entire system will be bound together with Quantel’s Mission - the largest scale implementation to date of Quantel’s media asset management solution.

tpc’s purchase is part of a five year plan which will see its entire infrastructure converted to HD, following the successful launch of HD broadcasting in Switzerland in 2007. One key factor in tpc’s decision to purchase Quantel technology as its production backbone was its built-in HD capability, meaning that no additional costs will be incurred in the transition to HD. The system supports AVC-Intra, combining optimum picture quality with highly efficient media storage.

tpc plans to broadcast not only its news output but also magazine and sports programs direct from the Enterprise sQ server. In such a varied environment, Enterprise sQ’s progressive, shared user interface is another big reason for tpc’s choice of Quantel. “As well as performance and speed to air, a major benefit of the Quantel system is that the fundamental user interface is the same whether in the edit bay, at the journalists’ or producers’ desks or in craft editing,” said Jürg Baumann, tpc Project Manager. “The user interface can be configured according to the particular requirements of each user, whether he is in craft editing or the newsroom. Everyone has just the tools they need and knows just how to handle them on their own desktop.”

Total integration of the production system with Schweizer Fernsehen’s existing i-News NRCS was a further requirement in order to provide the smoothest, fastest possible workflow.  The Quantel solution offers interaction between the two systems, allowing journalists not only to edit their own footage, but also to place it directly within the transmission schedule. If new footage is received while a program is on air from local or international correspondents, it can be dropped into the running order with minimal delay.

Schweizer Fernsehen’s vision for the new workflows also required free access to material stored on the station’s archive system and the internet, all from the journalist desktop workstations which are also running the Quantel editing applications. Quantel’s Mission media asset management provides the infrastructure that enables this, giving file-based access to footage in the EBU pool (the central distribution network for European news stations), and also allows the station to take advantage of low-cost global exchange of file-based footage via the internet as well as User Generated Content. After transcoding, Mission makes all this media instantly accessible to all users alongside material held on the Enterprise sQ servers, equipping tpc to take full advantage of the new multi-source, multi-format information world.

“tpc is the first Swiss company to purchase a large-scale Enterprise sQ system that supports our new V4 software with its multi-layer timeline as well as AVC-Intra, with XDCAM HD following soon,” said Thomas Birner, Quantel Director of Sales, Central Europe. “We’re very proud to be working with such a forward-looking organisation as it undertakes such a major transition to file-based production.”