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A revolution in choice - Pablo Rio

new pABLO


Latest news - plugins

Pablo Rio will support OpenFX plugins from all OFX vendors such as BorisFX, Genarts, Neat Video and RE:Vision... in the forthcoming June software release.

The OFX plugin support is about increasing the range of plugins available to Pablo Rio users in addition to our current plugin range from VDS and Pixelfantastic, which will continue to be supported as usual. 


Latest news - Pablo Rio 8K

First showed at NAB this April, Pablo Rio 8K is scheduled for release Q3 2015. Read about Pablo Rio 8K here>


Pablo Rio - a revolution in choice

Pablo Rio is Quantel's software high quality color and finishing system. It builds on the Pablo pedigree but runs  on standard COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) hardware. Offering new levels of interactivity, Pablo Rio can handle everything demanded of a modern post facility - from high frame rate file-based media to multi-layer Stereo3D working. Pablo Rio is quite simply the best Pablo ever.


It's all about choice

Central to Pablo Rio is choice; customers have complete freedom in how they specify and purchase their system. From software-only where the customer purchases their own hardware to a range of four fully-supported turnkey configurations that exploit the flexibility of the nVidia Maximus multi-GPU technology, Pablo Rio users can choose just the right system for their individual requirements. Similarly with storage: Pablo Rio will work with local, SAN, NAS or all in combination. Finally, users can choose video i/o or network-only connectivity. and Pablo Rio can grow with your business - it's simple to add more GPUs, storage or i/o as your needs change.


Pablo Rio is a fast-developing product - click here for all the details of the latest software features.


Pablo Rio


The Pablo Rio turnkey system range

Pablo Rio turnkey systems provide guaranteed out-of-the-box performance for those customers not wishing to build their own system. There are five Pablo Rio turnkey system configurations to choose from, each one optimized for specific post needs:


Everything you'd expect from Quantel

Whatever configuration the user chooses, Pablo Rio always includes the full high-end Pablo 2D and S3D color and finishing toolset, making Pablo Rio the place where the whole job comes together without the need to resort to other systems for fixes, titles, compositing, re-editing or deliverables. Pablo Rio is the complete color and finishing environment that provides the ultimate productive workflow for 2D and S3D projects - and high frame rates too.


And of course Pablo Rio is also the perfect place to work with media from across a wide range of data formats including high frame rate, Stereo3D, Apple ProRes 422, OpenEXR, RED HDRx to ARRI, Canon, Sony F65/55 RAW, SStP, Phantom, Silicon Image, Blackmagic Cinema DNG, Sony XAVC and GoPro. A wide range of QuickTime soft-mount codecs is also supported - Pablo Rio handles it all with ease.


Exports from Pablo Rio couldn’t be easier with full support for AS-11 DPP, making files complete and ready for playout.




 neo and nano and prores





Total color control

Pablo Rio has all the tools you need to create with color. There are no limits with Pablo Rio; primary color corrections can be combined with unlimited cascaded secondaries and unlimited shapes, all in-context across the multilayer timeline. Everything always remains live for further enhancement. And all this with Pablo Rio's streamlined graphical user interface, which helps colorists achieve the look they want quickly and easily. A choice of the Neo or Neo Nano control panels completes the picture. The Neo panel provides natural heads-up control of color and seamless interaction with Pablo's comprehensive grade management facilities - a great way to access the power of Pablo. At around one third the size of the full Neo panel, Neo Nano is ideal for applications outside the main suite.





ACES logoACES support

Pablo supports The Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES) and fully integrates into ACES pipelines, delivering a standard, future-proof color space. Read the Quantel ACES White Paper.


Interactive operation

Pablo Rio's immense power makes color correction a truly interactive process. With Pablo Rio the director can sit with the colorist and instantly see results of changes on screen at full resolution without proxies or previews. Nothing is committed until output; the whole project remains live throughout the process so multiple treatments can be quickly tried without penalty.


Brilliant workflow

In today's world of digital capture, high frame rates and file based working at 4K and beyond, Pablo Rio helps the post house make sense of it all, providing a fast and intuitive file-based workflow, handling the whole job from conform to deliverables.

Highest quality

Pablo Rio supports highly accurate 65x65x65 tetrahedral color cubes for the best possible quality color and keying precision. Highest quality processing ensures that the final look exactly matches the director's vision, with results instantly available for review thanks to its reliable, rock solid playback. This means the director and colorist can have total confidence that what they see on screen is exactly what the viewers will get in the movie theater or on TV.

mocha tracker

Widely recognized as the most versatile and precise tracker available, Imagineer Systems' mocha planar tracker is fully integrated into the Pablo Rio color and finishing toolset.



marilynPablo Rio delivers the same realtime productive workflow for Stereo3D as it does for conventional 2D images. Pablo Rio's stereo multi-layer timeline easily handles the two data streams required for Stereo3D and delivers the reliable playout critical to keeping clients happy in Stereo3D sessions. Pablo Rio's comprehensive Stereo3D toolset includes tools to take care of problems with captured Stereo3D, to grade Stereo3D interactively and format media for delivery.



When the color and finishing work is done, Pablo Rio has all the tools to enable you to rapidly output different versions as video or files. Pablo Rio holds an uncommitted master, from which all the deliverables can simply be created and played out in realtime without rendering or using up any further workspace.


Full finishing toolset

social networkPablo is a complete finishing system, virtually eliminating the need ever to move media between suites. Whether it's the addition of a title, a dissolve, a slo-mo, slipping an edit point, re-framing a shot or simply painting out a spot of dirt the dust-buster has missed, Pablo Rio has all the tools on board to make the change right there and then.


Open connectivity

Pablo Rio integrates fully with a facility's existing LANs and SANs; it's as easy to work with lo-rez QuickTimes and JPEGs as it is with native resolution DPX and Cineon files. Quantel soft-mount technology enables working with RED, DPX, CINEON, TIFF, DNxHD, ARRI, XAVC and OpenEXR media while it is still on the SAN or NAS, saving time by allowing work to begin immediately without first importing media into the Pablo Rio workspace.


Integrated DCP toolset

Quantel has integrated the widely-used Fraunhofer DCP creation and importing software into the Pablo Rio toolset. This enables the creation of standards-compliant DCP encrypted masters for delivery, and the importing of DCP files into the Quantel environment, facilitating their use as a high quality interchange format. Working with the Fraunhofer DCPtoolset within the Quantel environment saves time and costs associated with exporting media to external systems. Better stil, creative work can continue uninterrupted on Pablo Rio while DCP packages are being created as a background task.


Teamworking with Genetic Engineering 2

Genetic Engineering 2 makes teamworking between different Pablo Rio suites a cost-effective reality. GE2 enables you to do whatever you want to do, in any suite, whenever you need to – and to swap things around at a moment’s notice when needs change. GE 2 gives guaranteed realtime performance and instant sharing between Pablo Rio suites. 

  • ge2GE2 users have complete flexibility to move jobs between suites at a moment's notice - making them more efficient and allowing them to take on short notice jobs
  • GE2 users can teamwork across multiple suites instantly - allowing them to take on jobs with tight deadlines
  • GE2 users can instantly lay off time consuming jobs to Pablo PA (or other systems) - making them look great in front of clients and increasing productivity
  • GE2 users know that whatever is happening in another suite their system will deliver real time performance - great in front of clients and great for facility scheduling

 More information about Genetic Engineering 2.


Pablo PA

Pablo PA is the perfect partner for Pablo Rio - a software-only product that handles all the conform, prep and workflow tasks so that Pablo Rio owners get maximum value out of client attended sessions in their creative suites. For non-Quantel users, Pablo PA is a high-quality professional application that easily integrates into existing pipelines. More info>