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NAB 2012: QTube goes multi-site, adds remote effects, resilience and scalability

Revolutionary global media workflow technology takes a giant leap forward


15 April 2012: At NAB 2012 Quantel showed major advances for its revolutionary QTube global media workflow technology - enabling users to link more stations, increase the number of users, boost resilience and do more creative work. Quantel previewed multi-site working at NAB in conjunction with the TV station WFMZ from Allentown, Pennsylvania using their on-air Enterprise sQ system.


Multi-site working

The new multi-site working capability for QTube enables users to access and seamlessly combine content from anywhere to anywhere. Creative staff can work with media held on servers in multiple locations anywhere in the world and produce a finished edit over IP incorporating clips from the different sites. QTube automatically manages the movement of only the required frames of high resolution media from all the different servers to the destination server.


Enabling creative staff to work with local and remote media brings tremendous workflow gains to media organisations with multiple locations - head office and regions, region to region or even one country to another - there's always a need to share content and work together and QTube makes it all practical for the first time. 


Remote Effects

Remote Effects open up powerful new creative options for QTube users. This enables dissolves and wipes to be added between clips wherever they are held. The user can preview the effect in browse quality as the edit is being assembled. When published, QTube automatically moves only the required high resolution media to the destination server where the effect is rendered and the finished edit is ready to be played.


Demo with WFMZ

During the QTube demonstration, material was combined from three sources - the booth-based Enterprise sQ system, WFMZ in Pennsylvania, and an online archive built from low-cost COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) disks. Transitions were then added between clips from the different sites using Remote Effects, and the finished story played out in HD. 


Resilience and scalability

Quantel has exploited the potential of QTube's RESTful architecture to add resilience and scalability. QTube benefits from modern stateless 'conversations', enabling it to handle many sessions simultaneously with the load automatically distributed between clustered QTube Transformers. QTube behaves gracefully under pressure with no cliff edge.


QTube easily scales to meet customers' growing needs by simply adding more QTube Transformers. Regardless of the number of QTube Transformers that are clustered, they all appear as a single IP address, making operation beautifully simple. If a Transformer fails, others in the cluster automatically pick up the load until the defective unit is repaired or replaced. The system is self-configuring and inherently reliable and resilient.


 "QTube is already out there helping broadcasters redefine their workflows, bringing a step change to their flexibility and productivity. What we're doing now is expanding the QTube vision to enable them to grow their infrastructure, scale the number of users, add resilience to their operations and do more creative work," said Ray Cross, Quantel CEO.