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Quantel at Cabsat 2013

Full range of industry-leading broadcast and post solutions on show


At Cabsat 2013 on stand number E7-20 Quantel is showcasing its full range of industry-leading broadcast and post solutions.


Enterprise sQ HD fast-turnaround news production systems are relied on by leading broadcasters around the world such as ERTU, ESPN, BBC and many others to maintain their competitive advantage.


Files, video and metadata are handled seamlessly in a totally integrated workflow. Broadcast, podcasts, web, mobile devices - all are supported and full HD and Stereo3D production capability are designed and built into all systems, future-proofing the investment.


The user interface is easy to learn and use, as well as being scalable to meet different users' individual requirements.


Enterprise sQ integrates fully with all major file-based acquisition systems, NRCS, automation, asset management and archive systems. Quantel's own Mission Media and Asset Management system gives enhanced access to - and control of - media assets.


QTube global media workflow technology allows media professionals to find and use stored media - wherever it is and wherever they are. QTube is designed to provide distributed access to stored content, including growing files. It is totally scalable and provides users with frame-accurate editing of video and audio. Digital nonlinear workflows are now globalized using just the internet.


QTube users can combine content from multiple sites, whether on Quantel Enterprise sQ systems, generic IT storage or cloud-based storage. QTube automatically manages the movement of only the required frames of hi-res media from all the different servers to the destination server.


Pablo Rio is Quantel’s new software color correction and finishing system that runs on high-performance PC hardware. Pablo Rio exploits NVIDIA Maximus multi-GPU technology to deliver fantastic interactivity and throughput. Pablo Rio can handle everything demanded of a modern post facility - from high frame rate file-based media to multi-layer Stereo3D working.