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Pablo PA - conform, preparation and workflow software


Pablo PA


Pablo PA is a software-only product that helps Quantel customers get the maximum value out of their high-end eQ, iQ or Pablo suites. It also offers everyone a low cost way to benefit from Quantel's high quality post tools.


Pablo PA handles the time-consuming preparation and non-client attended work which maximizes the billable time in frontline creative suites. For Quantel users, complete interchange compatibility with eQ, iQ and Pablo ensures that adding Pablo PA into the workflow maintains full flexibility and creative choice while simultaneously boosting productivity.


For non-Quantel users, Pablo PA is a high-quality professional application that easily integrates into existing pipelines. Quantel's image processing ensures great quality results and the interface is both capable and easy to use.


"We chose Pablo PA for its codec support, professional conform abilities and automated stereo3D ‘fix it' tools. We trust the images it produces, it's easy for our editors to use and it is great value for money. We haven't dealt with Quantel before and are enjoying the experience."
Stuart Dyer, Films at 59.


Pablo PA now supports nVidia Quadro graphics cards and benefits from CUDA GPU processing. CUDA support enables new levels of interactivity and even realtime playback of S3D content. 



 Pablo PA Headlines

  • ColorComplete Pablo software toolset for color, MLTFX, import, export, archive and conform
  • Full V5 toolset, including Stereo3D
  • Full soft-mount support for RED, DPX, TIFF, CIN, DNxHD, XDCAM and P2 media on external storage
  • Applications include conform verification, shot selection and debayering, file i/o
  • Recipe-only (archive) interchange with main suite for efficient workflow without moving media
  • Dual monitor operation with Quadro graphics card with full frame realtime S3D display
  • Genetic Engineering connectivity enables Pablo PA to work on GenePool shared storage


"We originally bought the Pablo PA to create DPXs and make our own VFX plates. Along the way we also decided to do the digital conform to locked DPX files and prepare the session for FotoKem so they can just start coloring when our files arrive. The whole process has been enlightening and rewarding. We've been taking every update and patch on the Pablo PA as it released and working closely with Quantel, who have been great partners."

Jim Dodson, Executive Producer, 'Chronicle'



Example Pablo PA Workflow - RED Conform


You have the AAF and a load of red files on the facility NAS and Conform screenshot

want to use Pablo PA to conform the job and make sure everything is perfect before getting the job in to Pablo for color and finishing.
Load the AAF into Pablo PA and point it at the red media on the NAS.
Hit conform - Pablo PA will search all the files and you will know straightaway if files are missing - so you can track them down and not waste time in the main suite.
You find all the files and the conform is complete. Now you notice that some of the shots don't match the offline - it's the real world - easily fixed with Pablo PA's shot selection and editing tools.
There are a couple of shots that the offline editor flipped - it didn't come across in the AAF so you flip the shots - no need to render just create the effects metadata.
It's a stereo job and it's obvious even on the Pablo PA UI that the Stereo 3D autobalance tool

eyes don't match - use the autobalance tool to fix that - again only creating metadata.
Now you're done and ready to move into Pablo when a new version of the EDL turns up.
No problem use the version you've been working on as reference clip for conform and all the work you've done is instantly transferred onto the new conform.

Archive out the clip using 'local' archive and only the recipe complete with all the settings is saved, so it's quick - the archive 'points' to the media on the NAS.
Archive in on the Pablo - no media moves as Pablo works with the RED files on the NAS - and there you are a bang up to date, stereo fixed, perfect conform to start the color and finishing client attended session!