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Steve Owen
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Default User Group Awards 2009!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for making 2009 the best year ever for the user group. Lot of good debate, lots of good ideas and yes, some deserved criticism for Q from time to time as well. There's no prizes this year - we spread the love around with the T-shirts instead - but here's some well deserved awards for our contributors.

Most prolific poster of all time

1. Walter Volpatto 1799
2. Jari Hakala 904
3. Steve Owen 495 (I'll have a celebration when I make 500)
4. Alastor Arnold 356
5. Damon Hawkins 353

No surprises here with Walter running away with top spot but Damon and I are coming up fast!

Most prolific Newcomer - open to people joining the user group in 2009

1. Henrik Cednert 150
2. Raymond Leijdekkers 106
3. Markus Lanxinger 52
4. James Laviola 46
5. Nafmi Sanichar 25

A really big thanks to everyone that joined this year and did so much to keep things interesting! We had 199 new people join the user group this year, up from 176 user the previous year. However only 23 of those new users actually posted - come on lurkers have your say!

Most replied to thread starter

Alastor Arnold
for "Another rant about a feature that doesn't work" with 50 replies

Better to get this stuff out than keep it bottled up - that's unhealthy!

Most viewed thread

"User group awards 2008" with an incredible 1,787 views
Going to be a tough act for this thread to follow!

The Quantel first timers open to Quantel people that made the effort and posted for the first time this year

Bruce Meldrum, Mark Northeast, Michael Weaver
Big round of applause - more next year please!

User Group Nominations
If you'd like to nominate anyone for your own personal award then please do so in this thread. I may even run to a small prize or two for the best nominations and their proposer (don't even think of rigging this-I'll know)!

Once again a big thanks to everyone that gets involved with the usergroup and here's to a great 2010 for all.

Happy holidays
Steve and Damon
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